“I wish I had a camera!” was my first thought as I looked up from my NY Times article about the Brooklyn Rundfunk Orkestrata (check them out by the way, they remixed The Sound of Music with stuff like Boston and the Jackson 5, pretty cool). There was a couple who had come in to pick up their dry cleaning, and I couldn’t help but notice that the attendant returned with a collection of 7 or 8 flannel shirts on hangers and wrapped in one of those plastic coverings… I wasn’t necessarily upset, I just couldn’t help but giggle to myself for some reason… but then immediately wondered why I was laughing. Is it really that strange for this couple to want to keep their flannel nice and clean? Or does that go against what the style was originally meant to represent? I suppose that in it’s short 20 years on our backs, flannel has gone from fashion to function and back, now, to high fashion. But does that truly merit the mockery that naturally pours when a large group of plaid clad youngsters cross our path?

I wear them, you wear them… can you think of anyone who doesn’t? Hipsters and celebrities, Jersey Shorties and Beach Bunnies. It’s a universal look that everyone can relate to. So then why has it become fodder for so many pretentious (yours truly included) self-proclaimed fashion critics? Is it the stigma it gets from the sea of cross patterned reds and blacks you find in Williamsburg? Is it our own uneasiness when we see someone wearing the exact same style as us? Or is it something different all together?

One thing is for sure, If that adorable hipster couple reads this, which is highly unlikely, I would like to apologize for laughing to myself as you exited the laundromat, freshly pressed flannel in hand… I hope those shirts last you forever…