Last weekend, the upstate crew came down to the big city and utilized our brand new practice space in Queens (a.k.a. The Brothel) for a Barons intensive weekend! Beers were had, cigarettes were smoked and songs were written. We even revamped some old ones!

So far we have tentative structures AND titles for 6 (COUNT EM SIX!!) new songs! here are some tunes to look forward to in the coming weeks!


Renee (Or Something)

Three of Us


In a Nutshell

The Rulebook

In a couple of weeks we will be doing an in studio performance/interview at 97.7 WEXT upstate and, who knows, maybe you’ll hear one of these new tunes! Keep in touch about the broadcast date!

We also have a show with a great band from Mississippi called Colour Revolt. Also playing this show is Alex Muro side project, Neighborhood of Make Believe and Former Belle. So come out to Valentine’s in Albany on Tuesday, February 15th. Sure it’s a weeknight, but what the hell else are you doing?