Is my b-day.

I am officially in my late 20s. Some say last year I was and I say tossah!  However, this time I can not argue.

Maybe it’s not official until you’re 30, but being in your late 20s -it seems- that you should be a real person.

So it would be nice if someone threw a lot of money at signed this band.  Then I could show up to band practice in a suit and tie, with a trenta coffee and a bluetooth in my new bmw.   No you say? I understand.  For now I’ll take a t-shirt, tall coffee, fake bluetooth headset that I’ve made out of foamcore, and a light blue 93 toyota corolla.  I guess that’s real.  In the meantime we’ll be working extra hard to try to make it in the fake world.

Speaking of t-shirts, here’s one that never saw the light of day during the Greatest Hits II days.  Now taking orders. . .