How are we today?

So we’re back from a month off.

I thought it might be a good idea to post something to let you know we’re not dead. In fact we have practice tonight.

Our radio interview from a few months back finally aired on 4/9 from Maybe you can find it on their site, or maybe if you missed it and you want to hear our tom-foolery, maybe we can get you a recording. Maybe.  What’s even cooler is that they’re doing a Radiohead Sanctuary Weekend 4/29 – 5/1.  But anyway, looking at the stats from this blog it looks like some people listening actually checked us out.  YAY publicity.

On a separate thought. . .

Here’s a chance for you to post a comment and interact with this website.

Today on wnyc’s Soundcheck the show was dedicated to the poor quality of band names.  It’s possible we  would make it on the list of terrible band names if they knew who we were.  (This discussion was part of our radio interview as well) So what do you think of “Barons In The Attic”? Bad? Good? Change it? Keep it?  Now I’m not speaking for the rest of the band here and im also not saying we will change it.  (Unless you got a dope one on your hands.)  However this blog is about the struggles and triumphs of a band trying to make it . . .somewhere.  So it’s crucial we have this discussion.

I have a few tools that may help you:

One is the band name generator using the word “Barons” I got some good ones like

  • Barons Battle
  • Valid Barons And The Loathing Bean
  • Barons Leisure And The Imperative Room

or some random ones like . . .

  • Erotic Ladder
  • Unfaithful Flock
  • Stereo Vader

Another tool is the Jockey Club Registry.  Here you can steal a horse’s name and use it for your band.

So here we go!

Lets see if this gets more hits and results than Matt’s rant on Hipster clothing.