So it looks like the Beastie Boys are going to rip us off again. (the first time didn’t really happen but that’s the point. you’ll know what i mean in a second…)

The name of their new album is going to be “Hot Sauce Committee Part 2”. Was there a “Part 1”? No. Sound familiar? No. Well Barons in the Attic (the band i’m blogging on behalf of) just so happened to’ve released a record entitled “Greatest Hits Vol. 2”. (Was there a “Vol. 1”? No.)

But the short film Fight For Your Right Revisited which will come out alongside “Hot Sauce” looks like it might be almost perfect so I’ll give the Beasties a pass on this one. After all, we both kind of stole that whole skipping album titles thing from the Traveling Wilburys who did it with “Volume 3”. (Was there a “Volume 1”? Yes. Was there a “Volume 2”? No.)

But let’s take it a step father. I mean farther. I mean further. How come there isn’t a dance album called “Turn up the Volume 2”?


p.s. seeing as this is our website and we’re a band, I thought you might be interested in listening to our music. Here’s where to do it:

p.p.s. we’re in the middle of a massive attic renovation which will soon be done and then we’ll tear the roof off, burn it down, rip, shred, and serenade you will our fourth-coming (if you count “Vol. 1”) record. what? more news on that soon. For now just check out our old jams and head-bang inappropriately. I miss the days when my hair had the volume to.