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A million thank yous to everyone who found it feasible and worthy to donate to the cost of our next record. b3’s own Matt Ferguson put it over the edge last night.  We are all really pumped, and super excited to hit the goal. And so soon, there’s still 22 days left!!!!

To risk being annoying: There are 22 days left to still fund the project.  Keep in mind the goal we set was the bare minimum to record an album!  The more over our goal we go, the better probability of making an even better album!


Second half of this post begins now!

Matt and I (Aaron) went to the Solid Sound Festival in North Adams this past weekend. AND . . . . it was pretty sick. What makes this music festival better than most? MASS MoCA.  This was my first time at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art and festival there or not its an incredible place.  This massive industrial wasteland resurrected into a sprawling museum complete with courtyards, fields, and an Airstream, that is, well in the air.  If you have a chance, definitely go.  Even if you’re not really into the whole contemporary art scene, seeing how this complex was converted is worth admission.

What makes it better though? When Wilco takes it over.

Granted it rained at the most inopportune times, but we still had a blast and learned a lot (this was a working vacation weekend for us – we took notes)

Wilco played two amazing sets Friday and Saturday night.  Matt went last year as well and maybe he’ll write a little comparison paragraph soon, but right now he’s too busy since gay marriage was passed in New York.  Seriously though, New York State just got a little better for the first time in a long time.  But anyway, (these early morning blog posts idea is bad news) I enjoyed Friday night’s set the most.

Highlights? Sure: Night 1- Radio Cure, Handshake Drugs.  Night 2- Company In My Back, At least That’s What You Said.  (yeah im a big Ghost Is Born dude)

Also dope: Wilco gig poster retrospective. Moog synth play room. Liam Finn. Eugene Mirman.  North Adams and MASS MoCA (go there)  Really dope: David and his adorable children for letting us crash at his beautiful loft which I am dangerously envious of.

The perfect sum up: “…An antidote to big-name destination festivals elsewhere in the country.” – Hartford Courant