Because there are only a few short days left to pre-order our album and get access to all the other super exclusive stuff that you can earn by donating to our kickstarter (and because there has been some confusion as to where/how to do this) here is the link:

We will be recording said album in mid august in the busiest two weeks in the history of the barons. In addition to recording an entire album from scratch (although, unlike with our last record, 545, which we recorded in 3 days, most of the songs for this new one will be written ahead of time) we’ll be playing two of our favorite festivals in the ever: Rest Fest, in Albany; GilesJam, in Warwick. We’re super stoked for both. More details to come.

Because we know that listening to music obviously influences making music, we’ve decided to voluntarily brainwash each other by picking the albums that our bandmates will be listening to in the days before we hit the studio. This is how it works: each person picks one album for each member of the band and one album for everyone. This should be interesting.

We’ve kept our picks secret so far but we’re doing the exchange this weekend. I don’t know what to expect. Maybe I’ll fall in love with a new artist I’ve never heard of before. Maybe I’ll gain a new appreciation for an old album that I’ve taken for granted. Maybe we’ll all hate the albums we’re assigned and the recording process will be excruciating and awkward. With 6 albums a piece, odds are that more than one of these outcomes may happen.

If you can guess any of the albums that we’ll give each other, we’ll give you a free digital download of our upcoming album, when you donate $10 to our kickstarter!