Yes I know it’s July… But better late than never! Here’s the back story…

As we rocked out downstairs at Valentine’s on New Years Eve (who doesn’t remember our kick-ass renditions of The Dog Days are Over and Sabotage?) I made a resolution to buy a new, different guitar pedal each month for the entire calendar year of 2011… now this means by the end of the year I will (hopefully) have a pretty sweet pedal board, stacked with a wide variety of effects for my stomping pleasure… I really did make my first pedal purchase in January and have now purchased 7 pedals (1 of which I stopped using), and will continue to post them periodically so that the blog is up to date by the time I make my next purchase which will come in August… SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO… HERE IS THE FIRST PEDAL!!!

The Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner!

Not a very exciting first post, I know … but I had to follow my journey in true chronological order. I promise it get’s better…

The TU-2 is a music industry standard as far as stage tuner’s go. Every guitarist has one, and if they don’t they probably should. The TU-2 is leaps and bounds ahead of it’s competitors in user friendliness and visibility. It come’s equipped with optional true bypass as well as half a dozen options for how you want the LED’s to inform you of your current tuning (My personal choice is just the standard single light in the center). Currently I have this pedal first in my line of boxes on the board to ensure no loss of signal between the guitar and the tuner. Boss has now released a TU-3 as well but I’m told that it isn’t much worth buying if you already have a TU-2 as not much has changed.

That’s about all that can be said about a tuning pedal… “tune” in next time (sorry) for another exciting (I promise) installment of Matt’s Pedal-a-Month Project!