Yes indeed we can.

Thanks to the successful funding of our kickstarter project, we can now afford to make a record! (You gave us 112% of what we needed to pull it off!) To everyone that donated: THANK YOU SO MUCH! You will receive all of your prizes

as soon as they’re ready…

For those of you that missed your chance to help us out and get sweet rewards, don’t despair! you’ll still be able to buy the album when it comes out (but you won’t get the super sweet bonus material!…if you reeeeeeeally want it, send us an email ( and we’ll work $omething out ;).)

Check back for a tentative track list, news about special guests, and our rxns to The Influence Experiment.

If you’re curious about our new stuff, the best way to hear it is to check us out at one of the two HUUUUGE (as in, Billy Fuccillo) summer festivals we’re playing this year. Fresh off our set at Wilco Fest / Solid Sound (according to the times union) we’ll be playing the last two mega awesome music fests of the summer, as far as we’re concerned: Giles Jam in Warwick; Rest Fest in Albany.

Fun Fact about Rest Fest: this Fest features two of our favorite bands around, DEER TICK and TITUS ANDRONICUS not to mention hawk and a hacksaw, music tapes, and a slew of awesome albany bands from the b3nson collective and beyond.

Fun Fact about Giles Jam: Since his part in the recording process will be done, Dylan has no qualms about overextending himself and playing drums for 3 different bands throughout the course of the Jam.

Hope to see you there. More updates to come…

This message has been brought to you by the Obama Administration.