As a part of a new initiative over at–the website belonging to the collection of mostly musicians who, among a very many other things, put on the annual RestFest which we mention an estimated 1 time per post–to keep content fresh, I wrote a (rather long) paragraph about a random song from the b3nson recording company catalog. I happened to land on a song called “My Dreamgirl Don’t Exist” by Blood (full disclosure: Blood is a friend of mine from college, but you wouldn’t know it by reading the first few sentences) off the album Through. But apparently “My Dreamgirl Don’t Exist” already exists.

It’s a cover. And I had no idea, when I wrote the review. It’s by a band called Neutral Milk Hotel. (Easily the single most influential band on the b3nson music collective, overall. Including the Beatles.) I don’t think that makes my review any less worthy. (If it was longer than a paragraph, then yeah.) But it certainly hurts my indie cred. I should be especially embarrassed by this lack of basic indie knowledge, since two of the bands playing RestFest (ok so maybe we say it twice a post) have someone from NMH in them (The Music Tapes and A Hawk and a Hacksaw.)

Incidentally, I have been listening to an album called Significant Other recently. (Thanks Dan.) (It’s a weird album name, when you think about it. I like it though because it’s pretty genre-ambiguous. The cover art gives it away though. I only bring that up because we’ve been thinking about album names, since it’s almost time to name our own. Ideas exist. But it’s tough to think about before it’s recorded. What if we the name doesn’t match the sound? What if we name it after a lyric on a song that we end up cutting? What if Lady Gaga releases a record with a very similar name a few years later and makes the name of our record seem lame by association? I’m looking at you DOOM.)

Anyway, here‘s that review.


P.S. This post turned out to be about 3 paragraphs and 2 RestFest references (damnit! that’s 3!) more than I’d intended.