Let’s face it: we’re not an indie band. Independent bands are sustainable independent of major record labels. But we’re not self-sustainable. We’re dependent on fans, friends, and family, for their support. So I guess we’re technically just a –die band. But rather than just accept our fate and die, we recently realized we live in a pretty goddamn good time to depend on people, since the beautiful Internet makes everyone helplessly interconnected!

That’s why we decided to ‘crowd-source’ the funding of our new record. And thanks to the super awesome people who got involved, it’s actually going to happen! Fuck a record deal. Just kidding. We’ll take one. There’s no way we’d ask our friends/fans/families to fund a follow-up.

Even though this (begging) isn’t ideal, there’s something awesome about it. We like the idea of involving the people that are going to listen to the music in the process of making and distributing it. We’re cutting out the middle-man (which in this case is the entire music industry.) We like the idea so much that we were thinking of doing the same thing with the album art! I don’t mean beg for more money; I mean, ‘crowd-source’ this part of the project as well.

Our prior records had a pretty even split between Aaron songs and Matty songs. On the new shit, those skeletal structures still spurred the songwriting saga but the collaboration has been much more inclusive and, in that spirit, we were thinking of expanding the realm of creativity to non-band artists for the album’s visual components.

There are a few problems with that idea though. One is that we wouldn’t really have anything to offer in return—except maybe a first-listen to the roughs, some beer, and a line you can maybe use on a resume or a speed-date. The idea was to do a contest throughout the summer and pick the most dopest art for the actual album in the fall. But, somewhere along the line, that train of thought got derailed. (Rail Rhodes!)

Even though we’re not doing this as a full-blown contest, we’d still like to give you the opportunity to contribute your gnartistic ideas. If you’ve got something that you think would make a totally super sweet album cover, we’d love to see it. Maybe it’s something you’ve always thought would be badass album art, maybe it’s a design you’re proud of that you’ve never had a chance to show the world (i.e. the few barons fans who will actually see it) or maybe you’ve yet to conceive of the cover and you’ve got some foreplay to fulfill before you fu…rolic in the fall foliage. Maybe it’ll inspire us when we’re in the studio NEXT WEEK!